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There are many ways to get to the airport from the city. The car is also a convenient means of travelling to the airport. The airport is about 26 kilometres away from the city and hence some kind of transportation is needed. Nothing can be best than hiring a car to travel to and from the Fiumicino airport. The Fiumicino in Rome is in the south west direction. You can follow the signs to reach the airport by car. The Grande Raccordo Anulare which encircles the city will lead you to a high way which is named as A91 Rome Fiumicino and will take you directly to the airport. You will reach the airport in about the 45 minutes if you travel the airport by car.

If you are a good driver and you know the traffic rules well you can drive yourself. If you are not sure and want to keep yourself away from driving, you can hire a driver to help you. Many times in traffic you would feel bored but a car can help you to get many places very easily. They also make your journey easy and quick. If you know the routes well you can travel many places with ease.

To get to the airport you need to follow some of the driving directions. If you have them with you; you will be able to get to the station very easily. You will have to get to the highway named A91 which can take to the Fiumicino airport early. From there you will have to take a right into the Via Mario de Bernardi which is about 110 meters in length. Then you will have to take right to stay on the Via Arturo Dell’Oro which will show you the signs of Fiumicino. Then you will have to take the 3rd exit from the Piazza dei Tredici to reach the Vai Alessandro Guidoni. Then you need to take the 2nd exit from the Piazza Umberto Nobile. Then after travelling 700 meters, you will have to take the exit from the Viale Del Lago di Traiano. Then you will have to take a right to reach Viale Del Lago di Traiano. Then you will reach a roundabout after travelling 850 meters and take the first exit. After travelling about 2 meters you will find a roundabout and you need to get into the first roundabout. Then you will have to turn right into Viale di Porto and then you will have to turn at the fork. Then take a left and a right and you will reach the airport. This journey would take about 45 minutes.

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