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Fiumicino Airport Parking

Fiumicino airport has a number of parking options for short and long term parking. There is an area where you can stop to collect or drop off passengers free, an area where you can park for up to 1 hour and several areas where you can park for short and long term.

If you are going to drop off or collect a passenger, the solutions available are:

  • A Kiss & Go Area where you can stop for 15 minutes
  • Parking in a 1-hour area in front of the terminal
  • Parking in one of the multi-storey car parks

For long term parking there two solutions:

  • Parking in the long term car park that is a 10 minute shuttle ride from the terminals
  • Park in one of the multi-storey car parks in front of the terminal – this is convenient but more expensive.

The Kiss&Go Area

In front of the arrival and departure areas of all terminals, there is a zone that is called the Kiss&Go area. This is a place where you can stop for 15 minutes for free to greet or say farewell to a passenger. You should stay with your vehicle, but you can assist a passenger with their luggage.

There is an electronic system that measures the time it takes for a vehicle to pass through this area, so you must leave within 15 minutes. If you exceed this time you will get a fine, but you can drive out and drive back in.

1 Hour Parking Areas

If you wish to stay longer than 15 minutes, in front all the terminals, on both the arrival and departures levels, there are parking spaces indicated by blue lines. You can park in these spaces for a maximum of 1 hour for €3.00. This is the best option if you want to greet a passenger in the terminal or have a coffee with a passenger before they depart.

There are automatic payment meters on the pavement where you can buy a ticket. Clearly display this ticket in your window.

Multi-Storey Car Parks (Short and Long Term Parking)

The multi-storey car parks have 4,500 spaces and can be used for short-term or long-term parking. There are four different multi-storey car parks which are called A, B, C and D. All the car parks cost the same, all are under cover and all are connected to a terminal by a walkway, so they are the most convenient solution if you want quick access into a terminal building.

The best multi-storey to use will depend on the terminal. The recommended multi-storey is as follows:

  • For Terminal 1 & 2 - Use multi-storey A or B
  • For Terminal 3 & 4 - Use multi-storey C or D


If you will park for less than 8 hours, you have to buy a ticket when you arrive. You will find automatic payment machines on the ground floor and the third floor in car parks B, C and D. In car park A, you will find payment machines on the ground floor and the second floor. The cost is currently €2.50 for the first hour.

For stays of eight or more hours, it is recommended to book online and pay in advance. You can save nearly 40% with an online booking. The price you can expect when paying online are:

  • €25.10 for 1 day
  • €57.70 for 1 week
  • €94.20 for 2 weeks

You can make a booking online at (please note this page is only available in Italian), or you can book using our parking comparison form above and choosing the official parking at the airport ("Aeroporti di Roma – P Terminal BCD") for the multi-storey car park.

Long Term Parking

The 'Long Term' parking area has 4,000 spaces of which 2,000 are covered and 2,000 are uncovered. This area is not as accessible to the terminals like the multi-storey parking, so the prices are much cheaper. It will take 10 minutes by road to reach the terminal, but there is a shuttle bus available that stops at every terminal.

The shuttle bus is free and runs every 8 minutes between the hours of 05.01 to 00.59. Outside of these times, you will have to request a shuttle. This can be done by using the intercom that I available at every shuttle stop.

If you wish, you can use this car park for short term parking and pay the minimum cost of 1 day's ticket. It will work out to be cheaper than staying 8 hours in the multi-storey car park.


The cheapest prices you can expect are as follows:

  • €12.50 for 1 day
  • €31.00 for 1 week
  • €58.49 for 2 weeks

These prices are based on an online booking, so if you pay when you arrive the price will be higher. You can book online at (this page is only available in Italian) or via our parking comparison form at the top of the page on choosing the official parking titles "Aeroporti di Roma - Long Stay - Shuttle bus".

External Long Term Parking Suppliers

There are many private operators situated close to the airport where you can park. These operators offer a number of facilities such as CCTV, covered or uncovered parking and disabled parking. They also offer a free shuttle bus to and from the airport.

The operators are situated between 2 kilometres and 10 kilometres of the airport and you can expect a transfer time between 3 and 12 minutes.


The prices you can expect to pay start at:

  • €7.00 for 1 day
  • €20.00 for 1 week
  • €34.00 for 2 weeks

You can compare or book parking for these operators by using our comparison form above.