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Wi-Fi Access at the Airport

Fiumicino airport has a free Wi-Fi service that is available for all passenger. This service is offered by the Airports of Rome (ADR) through Fastweb. There are over 1,000 Access Points cover all the terminals and boarding areas, as well as the cargo and parking areas for aircraft. This makes it one of the largest installation in Europe.

There is no limit, no filtering, nor any requirement for registration to use this service, so passengers can have a completely free and unlimited access to the wireless network. You can access all types of media and content, including streaming of videos. Please note that this service is on an open network, thus the traffic is not encrypted. It is therefore not recommended that you use the network for communications that contain confidential information.

How to Connect

To connect to this service you will need a device that is Wi-Fi compatible. You can then following these steps to connect:

  1. Turn on your device
  2. Find and select the "Airport Free Wi-Fi" network.
  3. Wait for a new browser page called "Portal Welcome Page" to open
  4. Agree to the terms of use and click the "Free Wi-Fi" profile to start your access.

Privacy Information

If you are worried about your privacy, you should read the privacy policy before your connect. This can be found on the portal welcome page or on the link below.

As a summary, any data that is collected during the use of this service will consist of technical information related to the terminal it is used in. It is not directly linked to an identifiable user through. The airport will log the physical address or MAC address of a device that has connected to the service and keep this information confidential. It may be disclosed to competent authorities upon a formal request to comply with the law.

Useful Links

The following links are related to the use of this network.