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Fiumicino Airport Arrivals

The table above will allow you to keep up to date with all flights that are arriving at Fiumicino airport today. If you are expecting a flight, you can search for the flight number or the origin of the flight, and see the arrival time and live status of each flight. If there is a delay, the status will indicate a delay, and the scheduled arrival time changed accordingly. To see flights earlier or later in the day, change the time range that is located at the top of the table.

If you need to collect a passenger at the airport, look at our parking page to find out where you can park. There is free parking available for 15 minutes, and paid options if you wish to park for a longer period.

Arrival Procedures

After a flight has landed, the aircraft is taxied to an allocated parking bay. As a passenger, it is important to stay in your seat with your seat belt fasted whilst the aircraft is moving. Keep an eye on the 'Fasten Seat Belts' sign above your head, and remain in your seat until the sign is switched off. When it is safe to get out of your seat, start collecting all of your belongs from the overhead lockers and seat pockets, so you are ready to disembark the aircraft.

Once the aircraft has come to a standstill in its parking bay, the ground staff prepare the aircraft for disembarkation. A staircase or an air bridge will be attached at the front of the aircraft, and possibly a second at the rear. Once completed, the cabin crew will inform you, and you can start to disembark the aircraft and make your way into the terminal building.

As you disembark, it is always polite to allow the passengers sitting in front of you to proceed first. You can then follow in an orderly fashion. It is always a good idea to also double check that you have not left anything behind, as you will not be allowed to re-enter the aircraft after you have exited.

For passengers with reduced mobility, it is important to make your airline aware at least 48 hours before your departure time. This will ensure you get the right assistance during your departure and for when you arrive. Fiumicino airport will provide you with the necessary assistance at no cost, in compliance with the service imposed by the European Community (ECAC/30). You can find out more about this assistance, or request assistance directly with the airport, at

Passport Control & Immigration

Domestic arrivals at Fiumicino airport and passengers who are arriving from a country in the Schengen area are not required to present their passport. Passengers are required to carry some form of identification through, and if requested by a security or immigration official, present it unhindered.

All other passengers are required to clear Passport Control and Immigration before they can enter Italy. A passport that is valid for at least 6 months must be presented, along with a visa and landing card, if applicable. If you are unsure if a visa is required, you can complete the simple form at the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Italy at to get an instant answer.

Before you arrive at Passport Control, ensure you have all the correct documentation on hand to save you time and hassle at the desk.

Baggage Reclaim & Customs

After passengers have successfully cleared passport control, they can proceed the baggage reclaim area and wait for their hold luggage to arrive on one of the baggage carousels. There are many carousels at Fiumicino, and each flight will be allocated one of these. To locate the correct carousel, the easiest way is to check the overhead monitors in the reclaim area and find the carousel number that corresponds to your flight number.

There are trolleys available and they can be used free of charge and taken anywhere within the grounds of the airport. Once you have finished with it, ensure you take the trolley to a collection point so it can be collected easily and reused by other passengers.

Once you have all of your luggage, or if you have no hold luggage, you can make your way through Customs and into the main arrivals area. Passengers from the EU can go through the 'Arrivals from the EU' exit, where they are not required to declare anything to the Customs offices, but must do so if requested. All other passengers must make their way through the 'Nothing to Declare' or 'Goods to Declare' exits before entering the arrivals lounge.

Lost or Damaged Luggage

In the event that your hold luggage does not come through on the carousel, or if there is damage to it, you should report it immediately to the handling operator. You can find out more about what to do on our lost luggage page.

Onwards Journey

If you need to make your own way from the airport there are ample transportation methods available. The bus and train, including the Leonardo Express, are the most popular among passengers, but there are also taxis, car hire and private transfer options available.

You can find out more about these transportation methods on the links below: