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Fiumicino Airport Departures

The Fiumicino airport has total three terminals in it. From these the first terminal manages the domestic flights and the terminal named C manages the international flights. The terminal B manages the entire international and the domestic airlines to different destinations. The passengers are designated with a specific terminal and they board their flights from there. There are many services and the amenities which can help the passengers to travel with ease. The travel related documents for the departing passengers are checked. The documents would very form passengers to passenger because it depends on the country to which the passenger is travelling. If the country demands for some entry visa or some vaccinations, the passengers will have to show them at the airport.

The security at the airport would check the passenger’s identity card and verify the details in the boarding pass to ensure that the passenger is valid. The passengers must arrive some time before to complete the security checks. The check-ins would check for the baggage, identity card and the documents with all the passengers. The security at the boarding gate will verify all the documents. There are many food and shopping outlets for the passenger to spend time if they are early. Many ATMs machines are available at the terminals which can manage the passenger’s monetary needs. Many lounges, waiting areas and areas for physically disable people are available at the airport.

Information desks and the interactive totems are available to help the passengers to get help in case of any problem. The information desk is open all the days in a week for 24 hours. The lost and the found help for the passengers are also available in the terminal B. The passengers can board the flights very easily and enjoy their journey with all the services provided at the airport.