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Fiumicino Airport

Fiumicino airport is one of the largest airports Italy which is 30 kilometres away from Rome. It is also known as Leonardo da Vinci international airport called as Fiumicino by the local public. The airport had four terminals in the past but recently a new terminal has been added to it which is meant for the international travellers. The airport manages about 37 millions of customers every year which has made put it at the sixth position for being busy throughout the year in Europe. This airport also is the hub for Alitalia which is known as the flag carrier for Italy.

From Fiumicino airport, passengers can use the rail route which can take them to the centre of the city. The passengers can get to the Leonardo express rails by going to the station which is situated in the airport. There is a train in every 30 minutes which can take the passengers to train station at Rome or Stazione termini in just half n hour’s time. Also some trains leave every 15 minutes which stop at all the stations so that the passengers can get down at their station. The station has there platforms and also all the services to help the customers.

Fiumicino airport is also filled with shopping destinations. Passengers can shop for high end fashionable outfits, jewelleries, perfumes and accessories. It also has the gift shops with some other shopping outlets which are free of duty. Passengers can also shop for some real Italian products being inside the terminal. Most of the shops can be seen in the first and the third terminal. There are some restaurants which offer drinks and food to the passengers. The restaurants can be found in majority in the first, second and the third terminal with a café in the fifth terminal.

Passengers can also find some of the best hotels in the airport as in the city. They are just few minutes in distance within Fiumicino airport. Hilton hotel services can be found in the airport itself. They offer some of the best services like dining facilities for the passengers. Meetings can also be arranged within the hotel premises. Many other services like the gymnasium, pool and playground for children is available. Shuttle bus service is also available for passengers to travel anywhere for free. They can be contacted on 06-65258.

Fiumicino airport has the luggage services for the passengers. These services can be found in the third terminal. The passengers can contact for any lost items in the same terminal at the office in the airport. (tel: 06 6595 5253)

Business facilities are also available for passengers in the airport itself. Meeting rooms, conference halls, internet center and fax machines are available at the Atahotel center (tel: 06 6501 0100). Many other lounges are available in the airport which serves the executive service to the passengers. The Hilton Rome (tel: 06 65258) also provides the meeting rooms and conference halls to the passengers.

The airport also has some lounges and rooms for the disables and physically challenged people. They are available in all the terminals. The passengers are asked to mention if they are physically challenged while they are booking. This can help to get them assistance later when they are at Fiumicino airport. Special parking service is also made available for them in the multi storey car parking building on the first level at the first level in B, C and in the fourth level in D wing.

There are other services at Fiumicino airport include the first aid service (tel: 06 6595 3133/3134) which is available all the days for 24 hours. Banks and the ATM machines are available in all the terminals. The airport also has nurseries, rooms for offering prayers and also a chapel room.